Monday 25 April 2022

Express yourself with lingerie

Often times, we think of lingerie simply as something that women don in the bedroom to make themselves more sexually appealing or for romantic moments with a lover. However, there can be much more to it than that and it shouldn't be viewed as something that is done just for the benefit of a partner.

Increasingly, women are doing it for themselves rather than for anyone else. Not to flaunt their body and make themselves more attractive to others. But because it gives them confidence in themselves and makes them feel empowered by boosting their self-esteem. Doing so can have a positive impact on one's mental health.

"Whether it's some cute, brightly coloured summery pieces, more sophisticated black lacy numbers or even the occasional naughty stuff to drive my partners wild; Nothing makes me feel sexier than when I'm wearing some beautiful lingerie!"

For some women, it is also the ultimate in self-expression. A chance to show the world who they really are, even if it is done somewhat covertly under the proverbial skin of their regular clothes. These clothes that the world see us in from day to day are often bound to societal norms or a simple requirement to be practical for going about our lives. What we wear underneath can be a completely different story. It is for our eyes only so can be as expressive or creative as any of us choose it to be. 

There are so many options available that it can even become an expression of our personality. Whether you go for something bold and confident or something more demure, it can embody who you are and how you want to project yourself.

Making the choice to wear something daring below what appears to be a fairly mundane outfit can be thrilling and empowering. Enhancing otherwise boring work clothes with something that makes you personally feel more attractive can boast your own self-image. And defying norms and expectations by wearing something that you alone have control over, can make you feel assertive with a sense of power. All of this allows the wearer to achieve self-validation rather than forcing them to seek external validation from others.

"My favourite thing about lingerie is wearing it underneath an overcoat and then revealing it in dramatic fashion. There are few sights I enjoy more than the look on the other person's face as they drink it all in!"

It's not just validation and confidence that it can provide. All those sexy nurse outfits and the like are a great way to live out sexually fantasies for both women and their partners. Or strategically selected lingerie can be used to hide any self-perceived imperfections helping you to forgot about any worries you may have regarding how your partner might see you.

Of course, there is the irony that by choosing to wear something that brings emotional and therapeutic benefits, you may be forcing yourself to put up with something that can be less physically comfortable to wear. But perhaps it is a worthwhile trade-off? Maybe it is not something to be done all the time, but possibly some of time? Or, perhaps, modern lingerie is designed very much with comfort in mind so it is no longer such the issue that it once may have been. Either way, it is great if you are in need of that little pick me up or self-care.

Indeed, anecdotally at least, for some women the benefit in lingerie is not even the wearing of it at all. It is the time spent browsing and buying lingerie during a shopping trip that offers the positive experience and triggers our reward centres. It is investment in doing something just for yourself that offers the pleasurable experience. 

"I adore seeing the look on a partner's face when they walk through the door to find me, ready and waiting for them, in nothing but silk or lace...

Wearing lingerie under my regular clothes is such a rush as well. Wondering if anyone has seen a flash of my stocking tops, the feeling of suspenders against my thighs and the glorious shimmer of my nylon covered legs.

Try this on a night out; Pair a dress with your tiniest, sexiest thong. During the evening, slip your hand into your partner's pocket and whisper in their ear as you leave your thong there for them to look after. You can thank me later!

Particularly in a post-covid world, the idea of putting something nice on after some many have spent the last 2 years dressing down whilst stuck at home can also have a benefit to how we outwardly dress and project ourselves to the world. Putting on some nice lingerie can then encourage us to put more effort into our visible clothing and improve the way that others perceive us.

With all this being said, the benefits of lingerie do not need to be limited to the psychological side of things. Wearing the right underwear can help give you the appearance that you want. A good choice of bra and panties can accentuate your womanly curves in just the right way. Similarly, corsets and garter belts can help keep everything in the right place. It is not only emotional support that these things offer!

"I do love the look and feel of a sheer bodysuit against my skin. Always makes me feel sexy, that tantalising preview of what's beneath."
Emmy Fatale

And, I've not even touched on lingerie in the bedroom yet; the place where many of us will instinctually think of when thinking about lingerie.

Whether we realise it or not, sex and love-making involve all of our senses and the visual element can play a huge role in both the act itself and the build-up that comes before. This, of course, is where lingerie can really spice things up, particularly if you are looking to keep things fresh and interesting.

It is all too easy to get stuck in a rut or for things to become routine. Surprising a partner with some naughty or kinky underwear can help to reignite fading passion or help you project your sexuality to your partner. It is the perfect way to tease or build the anticipation of what is to come.

And, if you are thinking about your partner as well, consider the feeling of gratification they can experience when they see the effort that you have gone to in order to appear pleasing to their eyes. It cannot be underestimated how much excitement that can give them. Not to mention, how empowered they too can feel by the gesture.

So there you go; there are so many great reasons that lingerie can be a positive presence in both your life and that of your partner's. Reason's why I'm promoting National Lingerie Day today!

"Everytime you see me, I want you to be trying to guess whether I'm wearing something sexy under my regular clothes or not. The chances are that I am! But that doesn't mean that I'm wearing it to show it off or that I'll let you see it. Sometimes it is just to make myself feel empowered or naughty."

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