Thursday, 23 June 2022

No panties at Strip N Rock

Strip N Rock changed things up again last night with a return to a more contemporary venue than the one we've been seeing since it's recent return. Very reminiscent of what we'd grown used to from Strip N Rock before it went on hiatus but now new and improved. 

Before you ask; yes, I was still taking part in No Panties Day so anyone sat on the opposite side of the stage to me would have gotten a nice flash off my soft pussy lips and neatly trimmed pubes. When I go in on taking part in something, there are no half-measures or superficial lip service here. I properly follow through and stick with it.

Now, as you browse to the bottom of my sexy snaps from the night, you might think that Emmy Fatale is being a bit more demure than the other ladies on stage by keeping her skirt on whilst all of the others are already down to their panties.

However, you would be dead wrong on that one because, like me, she was also taking part in No Panties Day. If you were to have gotten a glimpse under her skirt, perhaps by getting a front row seat below where she was dancing, you would have seen nothing but bare Emmy underneath it. I think it was safe to say that the nearest seat to her was always occupied by someone. Someone very happy, I imagine...

"But its Strip N Rock! Of course, she has no panties on!", you may cry. And normally you would have a point. I know for a fact that she was observing No Panties Day though. She me herself.

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