Wednesday 22 June 2022

No Panties Day

It's a few years since I first highlighted No Pants Day. However, back then, I was somewhat uncertain about which meaning of "pants" it referred to.

Was it the US meaning for some bottoms that you wear on your legs? Or was it the UK meaning for the underwear that you would wear underneath those bottoms? Obviously, this potentially makes quite a difference to how you would go about celebrating this day!

Thankfully, it seems that clarification has now been given in the form of a subtle but very informative name change. No Panties Day makes it very apparent which sort of garment you are expected to go without.

So I can now proudly parade around with no underwear on, knowing that, by going commando, I am truly partaking in the spirit of this day.

Of course, you don't need to be as obvious about it as I have chosen to be.

If flashing your nether regions is not for you, you could simply forego wearing any panties under your jeans or whatever. Just because you don't give others a chance to catch a glimpse of your bare lower half, doesn't mean that your outfit choice is not equally valid. You can do whatever is comfortable for you.

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