Friday 9 September 2022

She wants to order

I feel like I need to up my meme game, so here we go! And who better to help me get started than the lovely Reena? 

After picking her up in my supercar, we headed down to the local Hooters drive-thru to pick up some food. She didn't even need prompting to get her head out my window and start ordering.

"A number 3 and 2 chocolate shakes."

I will say that if you are going to get someone's ass in your face as they clamber across you to reach the ordering window, you can't ask for a better passenger to do it than the Booty Queen herself.

"I'd like a plain burger too, please. That's right, nothing on it."

"Actually, forget all of that. We'll just take a pair of strawberry shakes."

"Wait, I changed my mind again. Can I also get a pair of baps with those two shakes?"

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