Thursday 8 September 2022

Worst... guest... ever

When was the last time I opened my room for some buzzing? It feels like forever ago but I guess it was really just a few months. Regardless, it's been a while and I found myself with some time to kill today, so I decided to open my doors once more.

It was a pretty mixed bag to be honest. For the first hour I had a steam stream of punters playing my game. There were never more than a few people in my room at any one time so it was kind of a one in one out type of thing.

That said, I did have an usual rush of dice rolls a one point which left me with a queue of 4 or 5 players waiting to take control of my toy, which for today was my Lush 3, with my Domi available as one of today's goals. Goal #3 to be exact.

As is so often the case though, people don't want to wait around in a queue and many simply left before it go to their turn. That's disappointing because I want to feel their buzzes to help make me cum but normally I just brush it off as their loss more than mine. Luckily, I did have one very keen guest who was more than happy to take over the control time that the departed guests had squandered.

On the other hand, there was one guest who did really bother me. I would say that he is probably my first ever "bad" guest. Certainly the first to ever earn a ban from my room. Yes, the ban hammer was dropped!

What did he do to earn my ire? It's a bit of a story but here we go...

Remember that queue of punters waiting to control me that I just mentioned? He was second or third in that queue and actually hung around until his turn. But when I gave him control, he did nothing. Just sat there like a zombie. 

OK, not a massive drama but it was holding up the fun for the rest of the people in the room. I explained that I'd give hi ma few minutes to get going other we would have to move on to the next guest and would come back to him when  he was ready to be active. Fair enough if you ask me.

Still nothing from him so we moved on and he eventually left during the following guests turn.

Maybe 15-20 minutes later he returned. I welcomed him back and offered to left him take his turn now since I had worked my way through that previous queue and no one was actively controlling me at the time. I even offered him an extra roll of my dice since we had hit goal #2 whilst he had been silently sat in my room earlier. Goal #2  being a free roll of the dice for everyone in the room. For the record, Goal #1 was simply for be to take my top off and bare my tits.

He moaned that the control link that I sent him before didn't work. I reiterated what I had said before; that I had to cancel it because he was inactive and that he would get another one when he was ready to actually play the game.

Anyway, he completely blanked me after that. Pretty rude if you ask me. But even ruder was when I poked him again to see if he wanted to play and started complaining that more room was boring. OK, whatever, suit yourself. I'll move on to someone who is interested in having some fun.

Despite telling me how boring the room was, he just lurked at the back for a while, not saying anything,  before leaving again. That's fine with me. Except maybe 10 or so minutes later, he returned again. I didn't acknowledge him this time and he once again just lurked at the back for a bit. He eventually spoke up to say that, not only was my room boring, but it was actually "the most boring room ever". 

By this point I'd had enough of his rude behaviour so I reacted by suggesting that maybe if he wasn't such a boring guest who just sat their in silence being miserable, maybe he would have more fun. Or that he should maybe find a less boring room to hang out instead of continually returning to mine.

But no, he just continued lurking at the back for a while longer before leaving for a final time with one last parting shot. Once again moaning about my links not working and that they were spam which is against the rules.

I'd really had enough of his shit by this point. After telling him to report me if he had an issue with what I was doing and telling him to stop being such a miserable cunt, he earned the first place on my room's blacklist. Well done StPatricksDay! Great job!

If we get back to the lewd stuff, because I know that's why you are really here, the first hour felt like one long tease. I was pleading with my players to turn up the power and give me more buzzes to make me cum. I wanted it so bad! I was begging them in the end.

And then a massive bombshell. One of them claimed he had been giving me full power for the whole time. I've played with all of my Lovense toys to know what full power fells like and that was not it. Except he was totally telling the truth. It was only when I went into my app settings that I found that the brand new update had reset all the toys to lower power modes. Fucking hell.

Of course, I immediately cranked that setting back up and my very next player made me cum nice and hard. Hurrah!

Even better, the buzzes kept on coming and I was well on the way to cumming again. The increased power felt amazing. The massive damp patch soaking through the towel on my chair was evidence of that.

Today's High Rollers
  • JamesCorbett
  • BartBirgisson
  • MrPickles
  • cean
  • MissMorgan
  • brainsgood

Then we hit Goal #3 and that's when shit got real. With my Domi unlocked, I now had my Lush buzzing my G-spot and my Domi held against my clit. I hindsight, I underestimated the brutality of having both toys going at max power at the same time. It was so fucking intense!

I orgasmed so hard and fast. It was like a fucking freight train. I didn't even manage to get through a single round of buzzing from both toys. I was cumming and I was cumming hard. My poor chair was soaked, despite my towels best efforts to protect it.

With 20 minutes left until my scheduled closing time, I did something unprecedented and ended my show early. That's how hard that buzzing had fucked me up. I was a quivering, wet and sticky mess and simply had nothing left to give after that. 

Right on cue, other Laura, who had also just been enjoying some Lovense fun elsewhere, dropped by. The remainder of my opening time was spent comparing notes while propping up the bar.

So, like I said at the outset, a bit of a mixed bag. On one had and managed to cum twice, with the second orgasm being unbelievable, and, on the other hand, I had to deal with a grumpy arsehole who just seemed to want to cause a bit of a scene. Whatever...

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