Friday 21 October 2022

Check out my ass-sets

I must confess, I got more than a little bit jealous that citizens of the United States got to enjoy National Ass Day on Monday. I feel this is something that we need to take global instead of letting one country lay claim to it.

As part of my on-going campaign to take the booty love to the masses, I have followed up last week's shirt cut meme with a variation that was perfectly themed to kick off on National Ass Day.

Why is that? Because this week's meme is all about my booty instead of my boobs. 

Starting on Monday, aka National Ass Day, I have been revealing a new bum pic over on my Twitter. And this, being day 5, means that here are all of this week's booty pics in all of their curvy glory.

Once again, feel free to comment on which of my ass-sets you like most!

Or, if you want to take on this challenge yourself, head over to to download the template. 

Then you can share your sexy own sexy bum shots on Twitter!

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