Monday 24 October 2022

Building Better Worlds

Episode #9 of the 3DXChat Text-To-Speech Podcast is now up!

World building has come a long way, especially since the current world editor was added. But not everyone is pro builder who can build their own mansion or sea-front villa. Some need more than a helping hand if they want to have a comfy home to call their own.

Luckily, 3DXChatSharing, 3DXChatStore and REM3DX are just 3 of the sites that aim to fulfil this need and their owners, Torax, SweetTia and Redji have joined me to tell us a bit more about the services they offer.

3DXChat Text-To-Speech Podcast - @3dxttspod / Discord
LauraTWK - @Laura_TWK /
Torax - 3DXChat Sharing / Discord
SweetTia - 3DXChat Store / @3dxchatStores / Discord
Redji - REM3DX / @rem3dx

Useful resources:
Sketchfab -
Shirt cut meme template / Booty ass meme template

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