Wednesday 15 March 2023

Wedding Crashed

So yeah, after Felicia's and Aspect's wedding ceremony, the bulk of the guests moved to The Gentlemen's Club for the reception.

As is the way with these sort of things, the bride and groom had to take care of some important matters. By which I mean dealing with the cake, which was an absolute whooper with cute little figurines of them both on top.

Before getting to all that though, the bride obviously had to change out of her elegant bridal gown and into something a bit more suitable for partying. She still looked incredible in her new dress.

We did have to hang around for a little while whilst waiting for Felicia to be ready though. During that time I awkwardly milled around, not really sure what to do with myself since I didn't know most of the people there.

Seeing how uncomfortable I was, one other guest struck up a conversion with me about how sexy he thought me dress was. Grateful for his kind words and for helping me feel a little less lost, I tried my best at small talk with him. My first point of order being that, under no circumstances should any guest upstage the bride in terms of how good they looked.

To be honest, I'm not sure if he was even there because of the wedding. I didn't recognise him from the ceremony but perhaps he was a reception only guest. Or maybe, since The Gentlemen's Club was still open to the general public, he had wandered in off the street looking for a lap dance. I felt it a little rude to ask so I just rolled with it.

Perhaps the nature of the evening got to me, but I found myself being unusually flirty. I suppose I've always quite fancied the idea of hooking up with a random for a one night stand after a wedding. It was abundantly clear that he was into me but was reluctant to make a move. So I did it for him and suggested that he could ask me to dance.

He certainly didn't need to be asked twice as he led me to the dancefloor and wrapped his arms around me, pulling my body in close to his.

I couldn't resist talking the bull by it's horns. As he tried to say something into my ear about how sexy I looked, I shoved my tongue into his mouth, stifling whatever compliment he was trying to pay me. I didn't care though. My mind had already moved on from whether I'd give him a chance to whether it would be his place or mine that we ended up back at.

As we made out like a couple of horny teenagers, his arousal was obvious. Our bodies locked tightly against one another as we frantically groped at each other, it was impossible to not notice the growing bulge pressing against me.

Our embrace was broken for a moment by nearby activity on the dancefloor. It seemed like it was time for cake cutting, something that I never miss at a wedding. Wanting to see what was going on, I spun myself round in his arms. Now, with my back to him, I subtly rubbed my ass against his crotch. His bulge contained to grow.

Reaching my hand round the back of me, I pressed my palm against the front of his pants. As I moved it up and down, I could feel the long, hard shaft of his cock. My touch prompted him to finally whisper those words I had been waiting to hear into my ear, "How about we take this back to my place?".

We hastily made our exit and jumped in the first cab that came our way.

It's a while since I went back to a guy's place at the end of a night. I honestly can't say for sure but the last time that comes to mind is a few years ago for Halloween when I let a guy fuck me in the graveyard that was hosting a big party, before we then went back to his place for round 2. I could be wrong though and that's not because I've had so many conquests that I've lost track. It's because, like I said, it really has been a while.

Anyway, any expectation I had for what this guy's place would be like were not even remotely close to reality. As he led me out of the elevator at his apartment block, we emerged on to a penthouse terrace on the top of the building. The apartment was stunning, but that really was not where my focus was.

We immediately started tearing each other's clothes off as we passionately made out. The dress that he had earlier been complimenting was now in a heap on the floor around my ankles. His shirt and jacket cast aside as we hurried to get on with things.

Awkwardly shuffling backwards across the terrace, not wanting to break our kiss while we moved, he guided us to a couch for us to get comfy on. We almost stumbled a couple of times on the way. Particularly when I tried to clumsily extricate my feet from my dress so I could follow him towards our destination. He then had similarly difficulties wriggling loose from his jeans.

But thankfully we made it there in one piece and without incident. He splayed himself out on the couch and pulled me down on top of him.

Without breaking four embrace for even a moment, I climbed on to his lap to straddle him.

Ever since my dress had come off, I had been wearing nothing but a sexy little thong. He was now down to nothing but his boxers, which could barely contain his throbbing cock. 

Our sexy bits may have still been separated by a couple of thin bits of fabric, but I couldn't resist grinding myself against him. He stiffened in an instant. then hurriedly tried to work his boxers down his thighs and free his dick for me.  

With the restraint of his boxers removed, his manhood sprang upright, pressing against the outside of my thong. He surely would have been able to feel how damp it was from my juices already soaking through it. I was certain that we wouldn't need to waste any time with foreplay. As enjoyable as it can be when done right, we both just wanted to fuck. I wanted that cock inside me!

For the first time since we had emerged onto the terrace, our lips separated. 

As I reached down and fumbled around to pull my thong to one side, his now unoccupied lips and tongue migrated towards my breasts and busied themselves teasing my nipples. He would have found that they were already hard from the slight chill in the night air. Hard, erect and super sensitive. I let out an audible moan as his touch delighted me.

Meanwhile, I rubbed my now uncovered, moist pussy lips up and down the side of his cock. It twitched constantly as I teased it. But really, the person I was teasing the most was myself. I wanted it inside me and I wanted it now,

Pushing myself up so that my body was now clear of him, his dick was finally allowed to properly stand tall and proud. Still holding my underwear to one side, I lined myself up to lower onto it.

The sensation of the very tip parting my pussy lips and beginning to push inside me was too much for him. He couldn't hold back any longer. Furiously, he thrust up inside me. Again and again, driving his fuckstick all the way inside as his balls slapped against my ass.

I was so wet already, he met absolutely no resistance. He slid in and out with ridiculous ease as my greedy cunt gratefully welcomed him inside.

At some point, he tore my thong off and discarded the ruined under-garment. I don't know what became of it. It was all a bit of a blur as I entered a cock-induced state of ecstasy. Perhaps he kept it as a memento. Either way, I'm sure it wouldn't have been of any use to me again anyway.

Clinging on to me with one arm wrapped around me, he struggled to his feet and carried me over to the neighbouring sofa bed. I mean, honestly who has a sofa bed on their fancy penthouse terrace? I guess someone who regularly picks up girls to bring back to fuck. Yup, I'm definitely thinking that he wasn't a wedding guest after all. Probably just an opportunistic wedding crasher. But I digress...

Without ever pulling out of me as he carried me from one fuck spot to the other, he carefully laid me down on the sofa bed before wildly fucking me as hard as he could. A moment of care and tenderness immediately followed by rough lust. I was fucking loving every moment of it, lost in the passion of our one night stand.

So caught up in the moment had I been, that only now, as I lay there on my back whilst he railed me balls deep, did I notice all of the windows of the surrounding apartment blocks that could look down on us to see us behaving like animals. Many of them were lit up but some were dark. I swear I could see shadowy figures move in some of those. No doubt voyeurs enjoying what they could see but reluctant to reveal their presences to us. But who am I to judge them for that?

The fucking continued regardless of who might be watching. It was relentless! But my partner also did what so many guys neglect to do and kept his hands busy. He had a fine cock and knew how to use it, but he coupled that with rubbing his thumb across my clit whilst he fondled one of my boobs and then the other. That heightened the pleasure immensely.

That boob fondling soon became boob sucking and licking. It felt so good to just let him pleasure my body in any way he wanted.

Soon his lips worked their way up to mine. Once again, we passionately made out. As we swapped saliva, my legs constricted around him. With my ankles locking as they crisscrossed behind him, I pulled his body tighter to mine and encouraged him to keep up the pace after it had slowed slightly whilst we kissed.

Not for the first time in the night, he whispered in my ear, "I want you to do whatever you want to make me cum.". So  it was then my turn to be in charge.

With my ankles still locked, I gripped my thighs tightly to his sides and wrapped my arms around him. With a bit of effort I was then able to roll us both so that I was now on top.

Bracing my hands on his muscular chest, I alternated between grinding backwards and forwards and bouncing up and down on his cock. Never sticking with one for too long before returning to the other but keeping it unpredictable as to when I would change back.

His repeated comments about how close to cumming he was spurred me on to fuck him harder. I squeezed my pussy around the shaft of his cock as I devoured it again and again.

"God, I want to cum on your tits! Please let me!". 

Damn, I had secretly been hoping that he wouldn't be able to hold it and nut inside me. Although slightly disappointed that I would not get that, he had been a great fuck, so he deserved to be given the opportunity to choose where he would deposit his spunk.

And then the moment arrived. He kicked me off as he desperately tried to take aim with his cum cannon. His first shot, hit me on the cheek and splashed across my face. The second, not quite with the same power behind it, sprayed across my upper chest and ran down across my tits.

Grabbing his cock firmly around the base and then squeezing up along the shaft to the tip, I milked the last of his cum. It dribbled out of his cock and trickled down across my hands as I dived forwards to try to catch it with my tongue. I caught just a little, which I promptly swallowed down. Yummy.

With him now spent, he took me by the hand and led me to the terrace pool. As we snuggled in the warm waters, I guided his hand down between my legs.

"Oh right, you still need to cum". Almost embarrassed by my lack of subtly, I smiled awkwardly and nodded.

His fingers slid inside me at almost exactly the same moment that he pushed his tongue into my mouth again. Feeling him making a come hither motion inside me felt amazing but he wanted to give me more pleasure than just that.

I was scooped up and deposited onto the side of the pool, my butt right on the edge and my legs over his shoulders. He wasted no time in buried his face between my legs. His tongue lapping at my clit had my whole body tingling. 

Just like I had earlier teased him by swapping back and forth between riding him and grinding on him, he did likewise with his tongue. One moment he would be licking my clit, the next moment he would be spreading my pussy lips and sliding his tongue between them. 

His oral pleasure was coupled with busy fingers. When he was nibbling on my clit, his fingers would be inside me. Then, when his tongue was probing away at my insides, his thumb would be rubbing my clit. My own hands were busy too, fondling my tits and pinching my still rock hard nipples.

Then I began to tense. My thighs tightened around his head. He mumbled something about not being able to breathe. I didn't care. Both of my hands on the back of his head pushing it down into my crotch as my back arched and I pushed my fuckhole up into his face.

The noise that emanated from mouth as I began to cum is hard describe. Not a grunt or a groan or a scream, but somewhere in between all of those. With little thought for him, my hips rubbed my wet cunt in his face as a stream of creamy pussy juice ran out to signal my very satisfying climax.

And that was it. We were done. And thankfully I had managed to not suffocate him between my legs. 

He let me use his shower to clean up before I left. By the time I was finished cleaning myself up, he had already gone to bed so I let myself out and did the walk of shame to the nearest taxi rank. That walk being done sans underwear. I don't think anyone I passed in the street knew...

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