Monday 12 February 2024

Coconut Beach

When I hopped on some sort of fancy airship to head off to this beach party, I had no idea what was in store for me.

I mean, taking an airship to any beach party is pretty noteworthy for starters. But when the beach that you are travelling to also happens to be inside a giant coconut; well, that's something that you certainly don't come across everyday.

It was a pretty funny beach party too. It would have been quite tragic if the party itself didn't live up to the picturesque setting. Thankfully, the beat of the music was spot on and everyone was that to have a good time.

I do feel slightly embarrassed though because, when I set out to the party, I kind of missed exactly what sort of beach party it was. The number of bare chests maybe should have prompted something in my mind but, let's be honest, the kind of places that I tend to visit always have plenty of bare breasts on display.

This party had a lot of them though. More than usual, I'd say. Which is what sowed the seed in my mind that maybe I wasn't properly embracing the spirit of the party. And no-one likes being the party pooper who refuses to join in with the fun. So, even if it wasn't a mandatory requirement, there was only one thing for it; to get my tits out and dance!

Just in case you are doubting my claim that I was going topless out of some exhibitionist desire rather than a wish to comply with the spirit of the party, I present to you the evidence that I was far from alone in doing so...

As an aside, you're possibly wondering why I noticed that there were so many topless babes dancing at this event. Was I just being a filthy perv b checking out their racks?

I think that should be obvious really... because boobs are hot as fuck and I quite enjoy taking photos of them for both your enjoyment and my own! And I feel quite comfortable saying that as a straight woman.

And, let's be honest here; women compare tits all the time. Some might do it through boob envy, admiring whammers that are more sizable than their own. Others do it to take a sense of pride in their own personal endowments and how they dwarf others around them. But, for one reason or another, we'll all do it at some point.

Me? I just like to enjoy all the different shapes and sizes, which are all beautiful in their own right. I can confidently do that without jealousy or judgement because I love my boobs just the way they are and wouldn't change them for the world. As far as I'm concerned, they are in the goldilocks zone for what I personally want for boobs - not too big, not too small, just right!

That said, I did see one party guest who had possibly the most shapely pair on her that I've seen for a while. Again, no even what you may consider to be big tits. Medium at most. But just a really nice, perky shape. I'll let you try to guess who I am referring to...

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